ICC staff

Hisai UedaResearcher

Areas of expertise
Polymer processing, composite materials engineering
Academic background
Graduate school of engineering, University of Fukui. Doctor of Engineering
Previous background/experience
Industrial Reserch Insitute of Ishikawa
Operable machines
200t hydraulic press

Research theme

Development of intermediate base materials and establishment of molding process.

I will focus on R&D such as continuous molding on FRP intermediate base material, and also examine optimization techniques in molding processes such as press molding using them.

My goals

I've done a lot of basic research on CFRP molding and engaged in the molding process of resin and CFRP until now. I would like to develop the continuous molding technology of CFRP and the scaled-up FRP molding process by taking advantage of the experience and knowledge.

Previous background/experience

As a technical support staff of Ishikawa carbon fiber cluster, I performed trial manufacture, molding processing and evaluation of the CFRP in Industrial Resarch Institute of Ishikawa. In addition, I have provided technical support and consultation to companies.

Publications / Academic Awards Received

  • 〝Processing of Carbon Fiber Fabric Reinforced Polycarbonate -Formation Mechanism of Void-”Journal of Fiber Science and Technology,72(12), 244-250(2016)
  • 〝Processing of Carbon Fiber Fabric Reinforced Polycarbonate -The Influence of Void on the Flexural Property-”Journal of Fiber Science and Technology,72(12), 258-264(2016)
  • 〝Formability of Braided CFRTP Cylindrical Pipe in Pipe Bending ”Journal of Textile Engineering,63, 49-54(2017)
  • 〝Properties of Poly(carbonate)/ Vapor- Grown Carbon Fiber Composite Prepared by Melt Compounding.” Journal of Textile Engineering, Vol.57, No.4, 97-106(2011)
  • 〝The Rheological Behavior and Thermal Conductivity of Melt- Compounded Polycarbonate/ Vapor- Grown Crabon Fiber Composite.” Polymer Journal, Vol. 44, 427-432(2012)
  • 〝Effect of Screw Rotation Speed on the Properties of Polycarbonate/ Vapor- Grown Carbon Fiber Composites Prepareed by Melt Compounding.” International Polymer Processing, Vol. 26, 41-50(2014)
  • 〝Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Carbon Fiber/ Polypropylene Composite Filled with Nano- Clay.”  Composites: Part B, Vol. 69, 94-100(2015)
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