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ICC is meeting demand for R&D breakthroughs, interdisciplinary collaboration and researcher development
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Conducting joint research

The Innovative Composite Materials Research and Development Center (ICC) actively conducts commissioned research and joint research. In the composite materials field, a wide range of research projects are being conducted from upstream materials manufacture, to midstream processing, to downstream delivery of products to society. This poses serious restrictions on the ability of enterprises, which are responsible for a single process, to conduct any overarching research and development.
Enterprises and other groups should contact ICC if facing personnel-related or equipment-related difficulties when conducting research, when looking for breakthroughs after coming up against barriers, or when conducting research that requires external stimulus. Using the latest manufacturing and evaluation equipment at ICC, and enlisting the support of a wide range of specialists, will lead to research and development successes.

Fostering researchers (Membership Program, seminars, etc.)

ICC is also focused on fostering researchers. In the field of composite materials, gaps exist between the research being conducted at university and the development being conducted in enterprises, which obviously makes it difficult for a sole researcher or enterprise to find solutions. The scope of ICC is broad, from basic research to post-consumer, so it is able to foster true professionals in the field of composites to bridge those gaps. For this reason, enterprises and other groups should send their leading researchers to ICC.
In addition to participation in the Membership Program, the fostering of researchers can also be a part of both commissioned and joint research.

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