ICC staff

Atsushi HokuraResearcher

Areas of expertise
Concrete technology
Academic background
Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Previous background/experience
Fujimura Humepipe Co., Ltd.

Research theme

Effect of temperature change on adhesion of FRP and concrete

I will evaluate the effect on the adhesion by repeating the temperature changes on concrete reinforced by thermosetting/thermoplastic CFRP rods or rebar. Also I involved in a study group on needs assessment of innovative materials in civil engineering.

My goals

In civil engineering field, I will understand market needs for innovative materials through our study group activities and keep on working toward social implementation. In addition, I aim to develop safe and secure structures made with FRP as reinforcement for concrete structures.

Previous background/experience

I have eight years of practical experience in a concrete products manufacturing company. I was in charge of quality management of various products, such as hume pipe, pile, box culvert and retaining wall. I was also actively involved in construction management and sectional meetings.

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