ICC staff

Ousuke IshidaResearcher

Areas of expertise
CFRTP molding technology
Academic background
The Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Science / Faculty of Agriculture, The University of Tokyo
Operable machines
Double belt press, a small electronic microscope, field emission scanning electron microscope analysis system, various thermal analysis equipment

Research theme

Development of thermoplastic stampable sheet manufacturing technology

My research theme is to study the technology for producing an intermediate material of thermoplastic resin-impregnated carbon-fiber sheet using a continuous molding machine such as a double belt press.

My goals

I will establish a method of continuous production of stampable sheet. I would like to establish a manufacturing technology of high-quality and low-cost intermediate material to meet the market needs via industry-academia-government collaboration, and achieve a wide range of society implementation.

Previous background/experience

I work for a local company Tec One Co., Ltd., and became a member of carbon fiber composite material development project. I am also a member of the Ishikawa carbon fiber cluster project.

Toshihide Sekido, Professor/Senior advisory engineer
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Ousuke Ishida, Researcher
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Nobuaki Inui, Engineer
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Masayoshi Hori, Senior engineer
Hiroki Matsumoto, Engineer
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