ICC staff

Yuichi KondouEngineer

Areas of expertise
CFRP molding in general
Previous background/experience
As a freelance engineer, I made automotive FRP outfitting parts & show car, CFRP parts for a racing car and motorcycle.
Operable machines
Autoclave molding, various processing


Hand lay-up, prepreg, analog modeling

My goals

I would like to contribute to establishing mass production technology.

Previous background/experience

I learned FRP technology in an automotive design company and then worked on interior and exterior of motorcycles and cars. After learning autoclave molding technology, I moved into car racing industry and made CFRP exterior parts for Formula One and Group C. After that, I took part in the experimental spaceplane project led by Professor Uzawa as a freelance engineer. After 15 years, I am now working with him again as one of the ICC staff.

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