ICC staff

Mami SakaguchiResearcher

Areas of expertise
Composite materials engineering
Academic background
Tokyo Insitute of Technology
Previous background/experience
The university of Tokyo
Operable machines
Universal testing, SEM, Spectrometer, Thermal analysis

Research theme

The Molding technology of CFRP
  • Research on the characteristics of chopped carbon fiber tape-reinforced thermoplastics

My goals

CFRP is a material with light weight, corrosion resistance and high strength. However, due to the fact that the molding technology of CFRP is not widespread and also the carbon fiber is comparatively expensive, the production volume of CFPR products in Japan is low. ICC has equipment for developing CFRP and researchers familiar with each field. As a researcher at ICC, I will devote my efforts to develope CFRP products while taking advantage of the characteristics of CFRP and reduce costs of manufacturing CFRP products. Then I will endeavor to make ICC a place to contribute to the development of CFRP product of each company.

Previous background/experience

  • Formulation of epoxy resin
  • Developing novel carbon Fiber
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