ICC staff

Akinori SakamotoResearcher

Areas of expertise
Mechanical engineering
Academic background
Graduate school of Engineering, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Operable machines
Laser processing machine

Research theme

CFRP laser welding

Development of CFRTP welding technology using laser.
Continuous joint technology such as fastening by bolts and rivets, laser welding, ultrasonic bonding, electric welding is commonly used for most materials other than composites, like metals. On the other hand, bonding technology using adhesive or rivets is in practical use for composites including CFRP. However, a continuous welding technology is yet unestablished. In this research, I will develop a composite welding process using laser irradiation.

My goals

Development of new system using laser irradiation.

Previous background/experience

  • I was a member of ICC as a researcher from a company. I have experience in the development, designing, and technical evaluation of processing technology for cutting machines, such as laser processing machines and water jet cutting machines.
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