ICC staff

Toshihide SekidoProfessor/Senior advisory engineer

Areas of expertise
Mechanical engineering, composite materials engineering
Academic background
Graduate school of engineering, The University of Tokyo
Previous background/experience
Toray Industries, Inc.

Research theme

Advanced composite materials technology
  • Mechanical engineering (Mechanical element technology, automation technology, development of manufacturing equipment)
  • Composite materials engineering (product design, development of preform molding technology, CFRP molding and processing technology, product commercialization)

My goals

  • R&D on advanced CFRP molding and processing technology in ICC.
  • Development of CFRP related technology, commercialization, promotion of industry-academia collaboration, especially supporting joint research of industry-government collaboration. Promotion of COI project.

Previous background/experience

  • I have many years of experience in R&D on thermoplastic/thermoset CFRP, especially the development of processing, products, automation technology, and manufacturing machines. Past examples of products I have worked on in R&D include aircraft parts, automotive parts, railway vehicles, wind power blades, sports products, and automation.

Publications / Academic Awards Received

  • Development of short cycle large monolithic molding technology by RTM, the molding technology of CFRP automobile parts ~ NEDO project ~, Automotive Technology Day 2009
  • “Development of innovative molding technology A-VaRTM for aircraft CFRP parts”, 26th Advanced Technology Award Best Paper and Research Collection (Nikkei BP)
  • “Designing and Processing on CFRP Automotive Structures”, The 13th US-Japan Conference on Composite Materials
  • “A Rapid Resin Injection System for Automobile Members Made by RTM Process”, The 12th US-Japan Conference on Composite Materials
  • “The CFRP Automobile Body Project in Japan”, The 12th US-Japan Conference on Composite Materials
  • “High-Speed manufacturing for high-speed trains”, 2004 JEC-Composites/n゜
  • “FRP Application to Truck Bodies”, 7th Euro-Japanese Symposium
Academic Awards Received
  • Developments of innovative short cycle RTM process, impact energy absorption and recycle technology of CFRP (2007)
    Japan Society for Composite Materials Award, Fuji Sankei Business i Advanced Technology Award, Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) Award・Technology Award
  • Innovative RTM and A-VaRTM technology of CFRP Paper (2011)
    The Japan Society for Die and Mould Technology・Technical Paper Award
  • Development of innovative molding technology A-VaRTM for aircraft CFRP parts (2012)
    Fuji Sankei Business i Advanced Technology Award・Special Award
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