ICC staff

Takehiro ShiraiResearcher

Areas of expertise
Process monitoring and control
Academic background
Osaka Prefecture University
Previous background/experience
R&D of sensing technology
Operable machines
Microscopic X-ray CT, ultrasonic testing.

Research theme

Press molding, NDT

Our aim is development of the optimum molding technology by monitoring CFRTP conditions during the press process. We will develop a new testing technology that can monitor product quality at the time of manufacturing.

My goals

Research on technology for overall versatility, not only on elemental technology such as material development and manufacturing technology, is essential for the spread of CFRP as reliable industrial material.

Previous background/experience

I developed sensing technology using optical fibers. Therefore, I believe that my knowledge from various fields is capable of finding innovative aspects in CFRP manufacturing technology.

Toshihide Sekido, Professor/Senior advisory engineer
Hirofumi Nishida, Researcher
Katsuhiko Nunotani, Researcher
Masanori Nakajima, Researcher
Kimihiko Uemura, Researcher
Ousuke Ishida, Researcher
Takehiro Shirai, Researcher
Kazuo Sato, Researcher
Takayuki Tsukegi, Researcher
Manato Kanesaki, Researcher
Hisai Ueda, Researcher
Masaki Inagaki, Researcher
Atsushi Hokura, Researcher
Akinori Sakamoto, Researcher
Keisuke Kyomoto, Researcher
Nobuaki Inui, Engineer
Tadashi Sakuma, Engineer
Masayoshi Hori, Senior engineer
Hiroki Matsumoto, Engineer
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