ICC staff

Kimihiko UemuraResearcher

Areas of expertise
Autoclave and Out-of-Autoclave (OOA) molding technology
Academic background
Graduate school of Engineering, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Previous background/experience
Honeywell Japan Inc., GH Craft Ltd.
Operable machines
Autoclave, ultrasonic welder, electromagnetic induction welder, universal testing machine, draft chamber

Research theme

CFRTP joint technology

Carbon fiber composite has been commonly applied to not only aircraft but mass production vehicle in recent years. Rather than using carbon composite in all places, the idea of “right material in the right place” so called multi-material design is getting popular. To achieve this, joining dissimilar materials is the key element. In this study, I will establish the fusion bonding technology of thermoplastic composites to dissimilar materials.

My goals

We aim to develop a technology that enables continuous joining applicable to actual mass production.

Previous background/experience

Five years of experience in the designing section (lamination design, analysis, etc. of Japanese team’s yacht for America’s cup), four years in molding (bus for Nagoya Expo, experimental spaceplane, etc.) and five years in quality assurance department, I engaged in thermoset CFRP production with my previous boss, Professor Uzawa.

Toshihide Sekido, Professor/Senior advisory engineer
Hirofumi Nishida, Researcher
Katsuhiko Nunotani, Researcher
Masanori Nakajima, Researcher
Kimihiko Uemura, Researcher
Ousuke Ishida, Researcher
Takehiro Shirai, Researcher
Kazuo Sato, Researcher
Takayuki Tsukegi, Researcher
Manato Kanesaki, Researcher
Hisai Ueda, Researcher
Masaki Inagaki, Researcher
Atsushi Hokura, Researcher
Akinori Sakamoto, Researcher
Keisuke Kyomoto, Researcher
Nobuaki Inui, Engineer
Tadashi Sakuma, Engineer
Masayoshi Hori, Senior engineer
Hiroki Matsumoto, Engineer
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